Navigating the startup journey is a wild ride, filled with countless hurdles. From scoring that first customer to ensuring your product nails a real pain point, and even assembling your dream team – it’s a lot on your plate.

You shouldn’t have to spread yourself thin tackling these vital challenges while wrestling with financial, HR, or scaling complexities. That’s where playbooks come into play. Your primary focus should be honing your product-market fit, the launchpad for effective scaling.

We’re no strangers to this terrain because we’ve been right there in the trenches. That’s why welovefounders was born. We’ve seen too many promising ventures stumble, wasting time reinventing the wheel or rushing into revenue without acing their product-market fit. 

We craft the perfect environment
for amazing founders to thrive and make their mark


Let’s flip the script together. We roll up our sleeves alongside visionary founders, forging the path to a rock-solid product-market-fit while cruising towards sustainable growth.

Our initial investment ? A cool 500k to 1M, just enough to get the engines roaring.

But we’re not here to play small, we’re ready to back you to the serie A, going as high as 3M.

And we’re not just about cash, we bring a powerhouse network of industry titans, savvy entrepreneurs, and hottest growth-minded VCs to the table. We’re not just investors, we’re partners in your journey to the top.

We’re a community of partners, experts, Founders & LPs. 


Olivier Mertens

Olivier Mertens, founder of two startups right out of university. In 2005, he launched the Metaverse Taatu, which attracted over 2.5 million members in the French-speaking Europe. For five years, he served as the head of digital startup investments at Sambrinvest, supporting over 30 companies and sitting on the boards of more than 25 startups, including Shippr, PricingPact, Shyfter, EMAsphere, or Urbantz.

Antoine Duchateau

Antoine Duchateau

Antoine Duchateau, founder of the Fintech company Odyssey, which has grown to become a global leader with over 700 employees and annual revenues exceeding 80 million euros. He later served as the initial investor and chairman of the board at Sophia Genetics until its IPO on Nasdaq. Antoine is also renowned for being the first investor in several well-known Belgian startups, including Urbantz, Bsit, Shippr, EMAsphere, Spentys, or Accountable.

Olivier Tabery

Olivier Tabery began by establishing an investment fund focused on classic cars before joining a private equity fund in the United States. He later returned to Belgium to launch Dedicated, a deal-by-deal fund that has invested over €30 million in companies such as Airbnb, SpaceX, Klarna, Perlego, and Masteos.

Thomas Goubau


Thomas Goubau, founder of Aproplan, which became Letsbuild after merging with Geniebelt. With over 6 million in ARR and more than 100 employees, he has extensive experience in the field. After this rich learning experience, Thomas has supported several Belgian startups in their Product-Market-Fit and Go To Market phases, including, Nodalview, PricingPact, EMAsphere, Youmeal, and many others.

We help start-ups generate customer success, consistently & scalably. 


Start-ups we oversee 
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