Privacy policy

Data you share with us

Some of our services require additional data to operate. We collect and use the following data you choose to share with us and use it to operate our services.

Account information

You don’t need to register to use welovefounders. 

Data we receive about you

when you use our services or visit sites that embed content from welovefounders, we may receive information about you. We use this information along with information you share with us to operate our services.


cookies are small files which are sent and stored in the application you are using to surf the web. Each page uses usually one or more cookies in order to save information it deems necessary in order to function properly. This information falls into 4 basic categories:

– necessary

without these cookies the basic functionality of the site would be hindered to a large degree. Functions as member log-in, e-commerce checkouts or online payments would not be possible without these.

– performance

performance cookies gather information about the users use of the site and store anonymous information about usage statistics, performance, etc. Their purpose is to collect information that improves the functionality of the site.

– usage

usage cookies store information on welovefounders in order to provide a better experience when the user revisits the site. The information can be anonymous and is not available to other sites.

– advertising

used in order to choose and deliver user interest specific advertisement.

Cookies used at welovefounders

at welovefounders cookies are used in order to provide the best possible service to our users. The establishment of a regulatory and legislative framework for using cookies is an ongoing effort. The formulation of these rules is something very new at european level. For these reasons, we feel obliged to clearly and honestly inform users of welovefounders about our cookie policy.

What information welovefounders stores?

The welovefounders cookies fall into the categories of necessary, performance, usage and advertising. The information that is stored is related to the services of welovefoundersr and is used exclusively for these services. At welovefounders we use google services to record traffic statistics as well as to display targeted ads that create the corresponding cookies. These cookies conform to the google privace policy (http: //google. Com/intl/el/policies/privacy).

Security of personal information at welovefounders

In welovefounders we are committed to storing the information you have given us with extreme confidentiality and care, and we do not share it with companies, organizations or individuals in a way different from that described in this privacy statement (paragraph information we share with others).

How are cookies created and how can i control them?

– absolutely necessary cookies:

these cookies are automatically enabled and are necessary for the proper operation of our site, but also for you to browse through it and use its features, such as access to secure areas on the site. Without these cookies, some of the services and features of the site, such as the shopping cart or electronic payments, can not be enabled.

– third party cookies

third-party cookies include performance, usage and advertising cookies. To enable these categories of cookies our website asks for the user’s permission through a pop-up window and the cookies are activated only after the user’s consent.

– you reserve the right to disable cookies on welovefounders

you can change your consent to using third party cookies here.

– how to delete the cookies at welovefounders

in general, any user can at any time delete all cookies used by his browser. All major browser vendors support this via their preferences or settings screens.

Browsing activity

all internet services have access to information sent by your device while using them. In our case, we receive data when you browse welovefounders and when you interact with the rest of our services, even if you do not have an account at welovefounders. For instance, when you visit a page at welovefounders we may receive information about you. We call this data set your browsing activity.

Your browsing activity contains information such as your ip address, your device’s type and make, your browser and operating system version, the page you are visiting, the page that referred you to us, the search terms you use and your cookies.

We use this information to make sure our services operate in a secure and fast manner, to improve the content we display and to assess our website’s – welovefounders – efficiency. We may also use this information, along with data you share with us, to display personalized content that may be closer to your interests.

Remarketing and e-mail retargeting

by using the welovefounders  website you agree to the remarketing and e-mail retargeting service we use to keep contact with users/visitors who have visited welovefounders

Information we share with others

welovefounders  is build to improve your e-commerce experience. We do not share your personal data unless you have given your express prior consent to do so or because it is necessary in order to provide our services or because we have to comply with the applicable laws.

Service providers

in order to operate our own services, we receive services from a number of companies in the eu and the usa. For instance, we are using google analytics to help us better understand how users use welovefounders and we use third-party data networks to connect our infrastructure to the internet. We may share your personal data with some of these service providers, always complying with this policy and only under the provision that the data will be used only pursuant to our instructions.

Compliance with the law

we may store, use or share your personal data if we deem that this is required in order to comply with the law or a legal process, or to protect the safety of any person, or to ensure the integrity of our service against misuse, such as the dissemination of defamatory, inappropriate or unwanted content. We may also share your personal data to address fraud.

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